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Love, life, and believing you can change

A Story of Love Galleries
The Characters
The Actors and Actresses
"Mr Lonely" - Koji Tamaki
A Story of Love - Media
A Story of Love Galleries
Episode 1: Pilot (The Watch)
Episode 2: Betrayal and Deception
Episode 3: Nobody loves a Liar
Episode 4: Everyday a Little Death
Episode 5: Bitterness for the Victims
Episode 6: Choosing our Love
Episode 7: Regretting the past we've made
Episode 8: Live your own Life
Episode 9: Your Father's Son
Episode 10: Loving is Believing
Episode 11: Someone's Wishing
Episode 12: There is Nothing
Episode 13: Last Stand
Episode 14: A Story of Love (Finale)

Photo albums from the show of screen shots, character and sights all taken with PowerDVD xp. 

Sorry for troubling you.

A Story of Love Gallery is my collection of pictures I took. Though most of them are single shots or either Harashima, Kaori or Konosuke, I've taken group shots and wide shots (like of the Kaori display or the beautiful Harashima building or the doctor's office). I hope you like the pictures and if you can't see the show itself, it'll give an insight of the show.

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