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Love, life, and believing you can change

Episode 4: Everyday a Little Death
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"Mr Lonely" - Koji Tamaki
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Episode 1: Pilot (The Watch)
Episode 2: Betrayal and Deception
Episode 3: Nobody loves a Liar
Episode 4: Everyday a Little Death
Episode 5: Bitterness for the Victims
Episode 6: Choosing our Love
Episode 7: Regretting the past we've made
Episode 8: Live your own Life
Episode 9: Your Father's Son
Episode 10: Loving is Believing
Episode 11: Someone's Wishing
Episode 12: There is Nothing
Episode 13: Last Stand
Episode 14: A Story of Love (Finale)

Harashima is faced with the hard choice of closing down his main store where Kaori works and where his father once lead. The President of the factory Konosuke and the guys work for petitions Harashima to allow his workers find new jobs before closing him down, but when he meets the unsettled anger of Harashima, he dies from a heart attack.
Meanwhile in Harashima's other life, he is overjoyed to see Kaori and even more thrilled that she has forgiven him. Mayako, however witnesses this and starts to worry that Harashima is having an affair. She has every right to worry as a depressing trip to the main store leads Harashima into discovering Kaori- alone.
Back in the downtown, Konosuke and the other factory workers want revenge against Harashima, so much that Konosuke goes to see him and finds out who Harashima really is. However, still greatful for what he did for Shinpei, he doesn't tell the others and decides to keep it between himself and Kaori.
Harashima if left looking over at Kaori, wondering what his next move will be.

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