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Love, life, and believing you can change

Episode 6: Choosing our Love

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"Mr Lonely" - Koji Tamaki
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Episode 6: Choosing our Love
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Kaori meets Mayako face to face, but to her surprise Mayako hasn't come to yell at her and claims to to mind if Harashima is seeing her. Meanwhile Harashima is faced with a number of problems. Not only has he been forbidden from seeing Kaori, but Domoto is catching on to his illness and even confronts him! Harashima manages to wade him off for the meantime, but finds himself facing yet another problem:
After Konosuke's warning for him never to go near Kaori again, he and Misao both ward Kaori off him as well. But taking it even worse then Harashima, she runs away. When hearing this, Harashima rushes out into the night to find her- leaving Mayako cold.
Once finding her, rather then sending her away as Konosuke had told him to, he and her stay out all night. Upon bringing her home the next day, Konosuke hits him for taking advantage of Kaori... But to both Konosuke and Misao's surprise, Kaori rushes between them and shelds Harashima, begging them to blame her.

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