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Love, life, and believing you can change

Episode 3: Nobody loves a Liar

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"Mr Lonely" - Koji Tamaki
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Episode 1: Pilot (The Watch)
Episode 2: Betrayal and Deception
Episode 3: Nobody loves a Liar
Episode 4: Everyday a Little Death
Episode 5: Bitterness for the Victims
Episode 6: Choosing our Love
Episode 7: Regretting the past we've made
Episode 8: Live your own Life
Episode 9: Your Father's Son
Episode 10: Loving is Believing
Episode 11: Someone's Wishing
Episode 12: There is Nothing
Episode 13: Last Stand
Episode 14: A Story of Love (Finale)

After Harashima gives the money to pay back the depts, Konosuke insists they all work together on paying him back. Meanwhile, Kaori tries to find out who he is and mistakes him once again for another man with stomach pains.
Senpai goes missing and everyone rushed out of work to find him- when the man from Harashima Enterprises is there! Harashima and Kaori join in the search and find Senpai at the theme park. While everything is going so well however, Kaori finds out who Harashima really is and storms off in humiliation.
Nonetheless, while Harashima is thinking about her- she drops off some of the stomach medicine to help his pains. While he chases out of the building to try and catch her, he just misses her and before he can catch her up, Mayako turns up.

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