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Love, life, and believing you can change

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"Mr Lonely" - Koji Tamaki
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Episode 1: Pilot (The Watch)
Episode 2: Betrayal and Deception
Episode 3: Nobody loves a Liar
Episode 4: Everyday a Little Death
Episode 5: Bitterness for the Victims
Episode 6: Choosing our Love
Episode 7: Regretting the past we've made
Episode 8: Live your own Life
Episode 9: Your Father's Son
Episode 10: Loving is Believing
Episode 11: Someone's Wishing
Episode 12: There is Nothing
Episode 13: Last Stand
Episode 14: A Story of Love (Finale)

Hello and welcome to this web site, deticated to my favourite j-dorama (Japanese TV drama), Kon'na koi no hanashi or better known as A Story of Love.

A Story of Love

"A Story of Love" was hired in Japan on Fuji TV from August to September in 1997. The TV series was inspired by the song "Mr Lonely", sung by Koji Tamaki, which became the theme song for the TV movie. There were 12 episodes (14 in US version, aired in 2001 in June and July).
Starring Hiroyuki Sanada, Koji Tamaki and Nanako Matsushima, this was the must-see show of the Summer in Japan and is still considered one of the best among j-dorama fans.

"A Story of Love" is about Harashima, a wealthy business man (Sanada) who finds out he only has half a year to live. Upon meeting his doctor, he meets a local do-gooder Konosuke (Tamaki), who lives in the very homes Harashima's company want to knock down. He also meets Konosuke's sister-in-law-to-be Kaori (Matsushima), an innocent and sweetheart of the neighborhood and Harashima is almost instantly attracted to her. Problem? They don't know who he really is or that it is his company that is making them homeless!

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